Hey Wattpad Authors!

Wattpaders, we love you! And we want to PAY YOU to promote your stories!

If you have more than 500 folllowers on Wattpad, you are eligible for a 5,000 Readercoin setup fee for every book you place on Readercoin between now and September 15, 2018. In addition, you will earn 1 Readercoin for every 10 minutes anyone spends reading or listening to your work!

How Does It Work?

1.   We pay you 5,000 Readercoin per book (equivalent to $50 per book at current Readercoin rates) to place some of your books on Readercoin (limit 3 books and 15,000 Readercoin). We will pay you the Readercoin within 24 hours of your informing us that the book is now active on Readercoin.

2.    After you receive the 5,000 Readercoin, you will post to your followers that they can earn money for charity (or for themselves) by reading your books free at Readercoin.

3.    You will ALSO earn 1 Readercoin for every 10 minutes anyone spends reading or listening to your work.  The more people read your work on Readercoin, the more you earn!

It’s that simple!

We believe in 100% freedom for authors, and not in locking you up with agreements, so you may continue to do anything else you like with your content, including posting it on other platforms. That’s why it’s your content after all!

To get started, just fill out the quick form below so that we save you a slot in our program. We’ll respond with easy-to-use step-by-step instructions and access to our special author support if you need it.

We can’t way to see your stories on Readercoin!

Please note: Readercoin is an independent company. Wattpad is not a sponsor and is not not involved in any way with this promotion.

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