when our founder's brother started telling his daughter a story on the 20-minute drive to school every morning. The story was about a little girl who lived on a volcano. Soon he started to write the story down. Three years and three hundred pages later, he decided to self-publish Veronica and the Volcano on Createspace, Audible, and Ingramspark. That was when he learned what many authors before him learned long ago: Writing is a hole to throw money into.

Geoff personally spent more than $5000 on giveaways to reach a few hundred readers, of which one-quarter rated the book and far less than one-half read it.

Enter Readercoin.

Readercoin makes audiobook production EASY and FREE. There is magic in an author speaking his or her own work that overpriced narrators can't capture. No one knows the story better than you! What’s more, readers WANT to hear from the author. When they listen to an author read a story, they don’t get up and leave if the author coughs or stumbles over a word. The production values on today’s audiobooks are unnecessarily high. A very good, easy-to-listen-to audiobook can be created using nothing more than the supercomputer in your pocket … your phone.

Readercoin helps you improve your craft. Wouldn't you like to know what percentage of people who start chapter 7 finish it? We help you know your reader like never before. We track every minute spent reading your story and report it all to you in real time. Chapter-specific ratings, comments, and advanced analytics help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

And we made it easy. We made it easy because good stories are hard enough. Want to record a chapter? Just speak into your phone. Want to add text? Just copy and paste. Want to add an illustration? Just drag and drop. Want to deactivate a story? Flip a switch. Today, you are your own publisher, but you're not on your own. We created a dead simple web tool to transform your story into an audiobook and ebook in a matter of minutes per chapter. It even builds you an .epub for free that you can use elsewhere.

So what are you waiting for? Put your story on Readercoin today!