We want the world to read more. We seek to grow total reading time like Spotify increased total listening time. Spotify brought the convenience of not having to transact every time you want a song.

We go further. Our mantra is not “All You Can Eat.” It’s “We Pay You to Eat.”

It is stories that make us human. We are storytelling creatures. Research shows reading makes us live longer, reduces stress, and staves off Alzheimer’s disease. Let me say that again: reading makes us less likely to die. It promotes empathy and emotional intelligence. It helps us find purpose and meaning.

But we don’t read enough. We spend all our time on attention-splitting social apps, designed to distract us.

Readercoin incents reading. We quantify it. We match excess time with emerging storytellers. We make reading simple. We make reading pay.

Our mission is to make us read more, to help us find meaning, to make us more emotionally in touch, to make us live longer … to make us more human.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
— Joseph Addison