Your Listening SAVES Lives!

Your giving means so much! Last month, you supplied 616 hours of HIV treatment, 2.2 million grains of rice, and 1900 gallons of drinking water … Here is the full report!

  • 2.2 million grains of rice

  • 3,800 pounds of CO2 removed

  • 16 acres of rain forest

  • 170,000 calories of pet food

  • 3400 seconds of cancer research

  • 12 pounds of teddy bears

  • 27000 pages of Books

  • 1900 gallons of drinking water

  • 9600 square inches of blankets

  • 616 hours of HIV Treatment

You can learn more about where we give here

We are also THRILLED to now be over 100 donaters a day! But that leaves a lot of room to grow! In case you are interested, this is how Readercoin is doing.

Please keep up the listening and reading in October. Please donate!!!!