Readercoin Is Going Away April 26th.

We love Readercoin, and it’s been a fun app to build, but we are shutting it down April 26th. We are a small team and must focus all our time on Podcoin, which is growing very fast.

You will not lose the Readercoin you earned, as you can use it on the Podcoin app!

Podcoin let’s you earn coin while listening to virtually every podcast ever made.

You can use your Readercoin login details to access Podcoin.

Now THAT'S a Donation!

Podcoin supports the causes our members care about the most! We just donated for the months of February and March, and the impact has never been greater. Here is what your listening helped accomplish:

  • 173 days of HIV treatment!

  • 16 million grains of rice — that’s a lot of rice!

  • 17 tons of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 71 acres of rain forest

  • 600 pounds of pet food

  • 1200 minutes of childhood cancer research

  • 83 pounds of teddy bears

  • 225 books for children

  • 17,000 gallons of drinking water

  • 608 square feet of blankets for the homeless

Keep on listening and THANK YOU!

You can always learn more about our giving here.

New Cards + Paypal Removal

Paypal unfortunately no longer offers cards to third parties due to certain regulations on cards that act like cash. Third party gift card vendors are no longer supporting Paypal as a result. We are replacing Paypal and adding cards for Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Google Play, and Target, and we are also adding a new $5 card for Amazon. The $5 Paypal card will remain an option until February 27th when it will be removed and replaced with an equal value Amazon card.

Podcasts Matter. And so do you.

Your generosity blows us away. More Podcoin was donated in January than in any previous month. Here’s what your listening accomplished …

  • 78 days of HIV treatment!

  • 4.8 million grains of rice — that’ s a lot of rice!

  • 9,240 pounds of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 20 acres of rain forest

  • 220 pounds of pet food

  • 8,000 seconds of childhood cancer research

  • 27 pounds of teddy bears

  • 60 books for children

  • 6500 gallons of drinking water

  • 196 square feet of blankets for the homeless



Each month in our giving update we will spotlight one of our awesome charities that your Podcoin helps to support ...

Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, when she was just a year old. In 2000, at 4-years-old, Alex announced she wanted to hold a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for other children with cancer. In her lifetime, Alex would go on to raise over $1 million before she passed away in 2004 at the age of 8. Since then, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $150 million toward fulfilling Alex’s dream of finding a cure, funding over 800 research projects nationally.

Alex's dad Jay sits on Podcoin's advisory board and serves as Co-Executive Director of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. He is also a proud father to three sons, Patrick, Eddie and Joey. Jay works alongside his wife Liz and the amazing ALSF staff, board of directors, sponsors and supporters to continue the fight against childhood cancer, one cup at a time.


In just 1 month, this is what your listening accomplished … Thanks to everyone for giving during the DOUBLE DONATION DECEMBER!!! Your listening matters!

  • 69 days of HIV treatment!

  • 6 million grains of rice — that’ s a lot of rice!

  • 10,000 pounds of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 27 acres of rain forest

  • 400 pounds of pet food

  • 5,700 seconds of childhood cancer research

  • 15 pounds of teddy bears

  • 50 books for children

  • 3000 gallons of drinking water

  • 145 square feet of blankets for the homeless

November and October Giving Totals!

Your listening matters … BIG TIME!

Here’s what we achieved together in October and November:

  • 4.6 million grains of rice

  • 9,400 pounds of CO2 removed

  • 19 acres of rain forest

  • 243 pounds of pet food

  • 98 minutes of cancer research

  • 23 pounds of teddy bears for abused children

  • 65 books for poor children

  • 564 gallons of drinking water

  • 236 sq ft of blankets for the homeless

  • 66 days of HIV Treatment

Readercoin at Digital Book World!

We are excited to be speaking at Digital Book World in Nashville this week!

You can read our presentation below on how Readercoin finds audience for indie authors.

We hope to attract many more authors to the platform over the next 3 months so please tell your author friends to post their content here!!!!

We’ll also be posting some photos as we take them on this page, so visit again toward the end of the week!

Readercoin: Growing Your Audience with the Power of Audio (presented at Digital Book World 2018)

Your Listening SAVES Lives!

Your giving means so much! Last month, you supplied 616 hours of HIV treatment, 2.2 million grains of rice, and 1900 gallons of drinking water … Here is the full report!

  • 2.2 million grains of rice

  • 3,800 pounds of CO2 removed

  • 16 acres of rain forest

  • 170,000 calories of pet food

  • 3400 seconds of cancer research

  • 12 pounds of teddy bears

  • 27000 pages of Books

  • 1900 gallons of drinking water

  • 9600 square inches of blankets

  • 616 hours of HIV Treatment

You can learn more about where we give here

We are also THRILLED to now be over 100 donaters a day! But that leaves a lot of room to grow! In case you are interested, this is how Readercoin is doing.

Please keep up the listening and reading in October. Please donate!!!!

Your Donations Matter!

Last month, you saved 17 acres of rainforest, 16000 pounds of CO2, 2000 gallons of drinking water, 16 lbs of pet food. Here is the full impact for the month of August. 

  • 1.6 million grains of rice
  • 16,000 pounds of CO2 removed
  • 17 acres of Rainforest
  • 16 pounds of Pet Food
  • 4,200 seconds of Cancer Research
  • 8500 grams of Teddy Bear Stuffing
  • 3600 pages of Books
  • 2000 gallons of clean Drinking Water
  • 12,000 square inches of blankets
  • 15000 minutes of HIV treatment

You can learn more about where we give here

Your dedicated reading and listening accomplished so much last month! Please keep it up in September. Please donate!!!!

You Saved 1200 Acres of Rainforest in June -- Our VERY First Month!!!!


Readercoin Saved 1200 Acres of Rainforest in June!

WOW!! In our very first month, you're reading has saved 1,200 acres of Rainforest. In June, Readercoin donated USD $1200 to The Rainforest Trust, all because of you amazing readers!

Now, keep converting your reading into charity and turn your spare time into GOOD! There's nothing better than making an impact!

Thank you!!!








Here's some more information about our friends at The Rainforest Trust ...

Since 1988, the U.S.-based conservation nonprofit organization Rainforest Trust has helped safeguard over 18 million acres of wildlife habitat around the world (that’s larger than the states of West Virginia and Delaware combined!). By working with in-country partners and communities to identify ecosystems that are home to the planet’s most threatened species, Rainforest Trust has helped create over 100 protected areas across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

This action is crucial, as every day nearly 70,000 acres of Earth’s rainforests are destroyed, pushing more animals to the brink of extinction. Rainforest Trust currently has efforts underway to increase protection to over 32 million acres in the coming years, and these sites are estimated to provide a place of refuge for 63 percent of the world’s bird species, 42 percent of all mammal species and 25 percent of all amphibian species.

“Protecting areas is very tangible and real– we can demonstrate it on our map and can show the areas where species are being protected,” said Rainforest Trust CEO Dr. Paul Salaman. “All of our work is achieved through partnerships with experienced local conservationists who share the same passion and desire to safeguard our planet’s most endangered species.”

There are a few different ways Rainforest Trust helps establish protected areas: through their partners’ direct land purchase, the designation of national parks and reserves, or the creation of community conservation areas where local residents help maintain the sites to ensure lasting protection.

One major success was when Rainforest Trust worked with its local partner in 2016 to create the nearly 2.2 million-acre Lomami National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This conservation action was a major breakthrough in securing urgently needed rainforest protection for Central African wildlife, and was also the first national park in the country (and one of the few in Africa) to be established with major support from local communities. The expansive Lomami National Park now safeguards vital habitat in the Congo Basin – which is one of the most under-protected rainforests on Earth – for threatened wildlife such as Bonobos, Okapis and Forest Elephants.

While the conservation group supports projects that provide protection for iconic species and vast landscapes, it also focuses on animals and areas that are less well- known, but no less important. Rainforest Trust is currently partnering with a conservation organization in Panama to protect a “sky island” called Cerro Chucantí mountain that

rises from sea level to 4,721 feet in elevation and is home to many animals found nowhere else in the world. Some of these species have only recently been discovered, including salamanders, frogs, snakes and numerous plants. Unfortunately, the rainforests in Cerro Chucantí are under significant threat from deforestation due to logging and cattle ranching, and Rainforest Trust and its partners are diligently working to secure this area before it is too late.

Rainforest Trust strongly believes that flourishing tropical ecosystems are imperative to maintaining a healthy planet for humans and the millions of species that share this Earth. By supporting Rainforest Trust, environmentally-conscious individuals both in the U.S. and around the world can join in making a lasting conservation impact.

To learn more about Rainforest Trust’s global conservation projects, please visit:

Readercoin’s first public mention was at Princeton University

In April, 2018, Geoff first suggested the idea for Readercoin at a presentation he gave to Princeton University students. In the talk, Cook proposes the “Framework of Good & Evil,” an ideation process that Cook developed. He suggests Readercoin as business idea that come from the framework.

Cook’s Framework of Good & Evil

  1. Combine at least one deadly sin with at least one heavenly virtue

  2. Find a parade and jump in front of it: Blockchain, AI, Augmented Reality, Gene Therapy, Prosumerization, Audiobooks, AR, Live Video

  3. Add a novel twist by connecting one parade with an unrelated parade

  4. Exploit known hacks of human algorithm in pursuit of a fundamental good

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