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Readercoin PAYS authors to promote themselves and enables you to track—down to the minute—how much time your audience spends reading or listening to your work. It’s what a Goodreads giveaway would be, if Goodreads giveaways generated readers and PAID YOU for each one (rather than the other way around).

We pay authors 1 Readercoin for every 10 minutes spent listening or reading to your work. You can redeem your Readercoin for cash rewards or donate it to many fantastic charities who work with us.

Imagine seeing your reading and listening time go up each day as more people discover you. Imagine getting paid to promote your story. Imagine new audiences discovering you as they pass your story to their friends. That’s the MAGIC of Readercoin.

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Why Audio is So Important ...

We’ve found audio the key to maximizing your Readercoin earning! You don’t need a high-priced narrator. Read the story yourself. It won’t take that long, it does not need to be perfect, and our readers LOVE to hear from real authors, just like at a reading!

We make audiobook production easy and free. We created a mobile tool so you can record your own audio book.

We believe there is magic in an author speaking her own work that overpriced narrators can't capture. Readers WANT to hear from the author. Have you ever seen anyone get up and leave a bookstore reading if the author coughs in the middle of a sentence? A good, easy-to-listen-to audiobook can be created using nothing more than the supercomputer in your pocket … your phone.

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